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So you wanna make earrings? Supply list for Resin with Randans earring class

So you wanna make earrings?

Step 1- Gather

Why not learn from the original and use the same products used and made by me! I have spent the last 5 years perfecting my resin earring making technique and now I’m going to share it with you! Below you will find a supply list with links to everything I use for pouring, shaping, assembling, shipping, and display. Feel free to use any products you want or swap out something that doesn’t work for you, but this is what works for me! (Affiliate links)

First things first- the molds! I have unique molds i designed after being frustrated trying out the smaller molds. I am all about efficiency. So i designed the extra large mold to fit on a full size baking sheet. This has allowed me to increase production and save space for maximum efficiency and production. I have perfected my mold making process as much as possible for a handmade product. This first listing is for the shape I started with- the teardrop. And you can purchase it here. I DO plan to add more shapes as we go. This is just a “starter” mold. Please email me your requests for molds and i will add them to my list!

My preferred resin is Liquid Art Resin made by KS Resin and you can purchase it hereI use the largest size art resin and their gallon pumps.

You can purchase sample glitters from my stash here:

Here is my supply list from amazon:

Resin warmer here 

Gloves here

Large cups here 

Small cups here 

popsicle sticks here 

work light here

trays for the molds here

bakers rack for the trays here

alcohol spray here

hand drill here 

pliers here

utility knife here

jump rings- 4mm here , 6mm here, 7mm here, gold tone here

hooks- silver tone here, gold tone here

Earring backs here

Stud posts here

stud cards here

earring display- stationary here 

earring display- spinning here

bubble pouches here

bubble mailers here

resin tape here